Enjoy these skin treatments that will pamper you from head to toe!

The Just "Peachy" Treatment - $45

This peach inspired service is a treat for your "peach"! The buttocks are a hard to reach area to clean clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and dry skin and this service is to help you out. With our peach infused products specifically designed for this service, it can even help diminish cellulite and stretch marks!

"Decollete" Away Your Problems - $45

Our chest does so much for us, every day, without us even thinking about it. Shouldn't we treat it right? Whether you are struggling with skin irritations from bras, or body acne, or you just want to brighten your skin's glow, this soothing services helps to show your chest the love!

The "Back" of Your Problems - $45

Its important to have our own back in more ways than one! This relaxing back facial helps treat back acne and dry skin leaving you feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin which is our number one goal!

Reflexology - $80

Our reflexology service is not a traditional massage as we are not a massage therapist, it is instead a relaxing service focused on applying pressure to the pressure points in your hands, feet, and upper neck. With a relaxing and aromatic oil blend, your tired and stiff limbs will thank you for hours for taking care of them!

Garshana Body Treatment - $70

Welcome to our exfoliating body treatment, Garshana. In Sanskrit, Garshana means "friction by rubbing", or now more commonly known as dry brushing. This luxurious body treatment is based on an ancient dry brushing technique with origins in Ayurvedic medicine from India. Dry brushing unclogs pores, removes dry, dead skin, increases blood circulation and promotes lymph flow which helps support your immune system. A luxurious treatment that supports your glow inside and out!