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Skin Care Treatments

The Water Skin Treatment - $95

Whether you have dry skin, feeling dehydrated, or pro aging this treatment incorporates the essence of soothing, hydrating waters. With a special focus on hydration and supporting dry and/or dehydrated skin with custom selected natural products from Blue Lotus Alchemy, this service is our own spin on the fountain of youth!

The Earth Skin Treatment - $95

This treatment is specifically designed for oily, combination, and/or light acne. When I was thinking about how I want to treat oily skin or congested skin, my answers kept coming back green so this is our deliciously green service! Using products containing tea tree, green tea, aloe, and many other earthly delights to help treat and soothe, this service is designed to support your skin as the earth supports us all.

The Air Skin Treatment - $95

This customizable skin treatment was designed specifically for sensitive skin in mind. When supporting sensitive skin, light as air is the image that came to mind. Whether your skin is very sensitive to certain products, environmental factors, reactive, or all of the above, this service is meant to lightly soothe and support your skin in the specific way you need.

The Fire Skin Treatment - $95

This service was designed for mild to sever acne sufferers. During an acne outbreak, the skin can often feel hot and look red and this service is meant to cool that fire. With using natural personally selected products from Blue Lotus Alchemy, this treatment will help cleanse, soothe, and treat acne breakouts. Extractions are included in all skin treatments and this treatment emphasizes a cooling mask for afterwards.

Odin's Beard Treatment - $105

Treat your facial hair to luxury with this special service! Designed specifically for the masculine soul who takes pride in their facial hair, this treatment focuses on hydration,  hair health, ingrown hairs, and mild acne. Now including an eyebrow, ear, and nostril wax.

The Gentleman's Skin Treatment - $105

Embrace your inner gentleman with this luxury service specifically designed for masculine souls who prefer to be clean shaven. This treatment focuses on exfoliation and hydration to prevent ingrown hairs, extraction of any clogged pores to mild acne, and a personalized use of skincare products to leave your skin feeling satin smooth. Now including the option for an eyebrow, nostril, and ear wax.

On The Glow - $50

Do you want to treat and take care of your skin but your schedule makes it difficult? We got you covered with our completely customized skin treatment perfect for on the go! This 30 minute treatment gives your skin the attention and pampering it needs but in a way that won't hurt your calendar!

The Blue Lotus Treatment (120 min.) - $195
This 2 hour session combines the best of both the worlds of aesthetics and massage! We begin with a custom 60 min massage that incorporates techniques and styles from both the Western style and the Thai style. We then transition into a 60 min custom skin treatment featuring products from our own organic skincare line, Blue Lotus Alchemy.
The Teen Wolf - $70

Adolescence is a beast and this service is designed to soothe your teen! This is perfect for tweens and teenagers dealing with acne, dry skin, sensitive skin, are looking to learn about their skin and how to take care of it, or just to relax! Treatment also includes a complimentary eye brow shape.

The Utterly Divine Treatment - $150

Take a pampered journey to inner peace and relaxation with this meditation on beauty rituals. We begin with freshly brewed, seasonal tea while you enjoy a foot massage. Then we begin your customized facial! This natural custom tailored skin care treatment also includes gua sha massage, our hydrating hand treatment, a hot stone facial massage, before finally concluding with a soothing peppermint scalp treatment.

Advanced Skin Treatments

Cleopatra's Lactic Peel - $95

Based on historical findings of her beauty routine, this service is in honor to Queen Cleopatra. This infamous queen used to bathe in luxury filled with milk and honey which made her skin brighten and glow. Now we know that's because of lactic acid! This peel refines the texture and encourages removal of dead skin cells , and is perfect for those sensitive to glycolic acid or are new to peels in general. Afterwards a nourishing honey mask is applied to hydrate and soothe your skin for a goddess glow!

Glowing Glycolic Peel - $95

Glow up your skin with our Glowing Glycolic peel! Glycolic acid targets hyperpigmentation (like from sun damage), dry or dead skin, scar tissue, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tones, and even acne especially cystic. If you’re struggling with big pores, white heads, or blackheads, I would highly recommend this peel. Not only does Glycolic help clear acne and lighten any scarring, it also helps shrink your pores that may have been stretched due to debris. This peel is NOT recommended for sensitive skin.

Dermaplane - $95

This is one of my favorite services! Dermaplaning is the use of a medical grade scalpel to gently scrape off vellus hair (or "peach fuzz") of the face, By doing this deep exfoliation, you are not only removing hair but dead skin as well. This will also allow your products to permeate your skin more effectively with lesser amounts. This service is not recommended for severe acne, extremely sensitive, or compromised skin.

Seasonal Delights

The Persephone - $95

By popular demand, we are proud to present The Persephone! Perfect for spring, this treatment has pomegranates galore! This service is best recommended for all skin types, especially dry and acne prone skin, as well as aging concerns. Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant which also brightens the skin while increasing collagen production and preventing sun damage.

The Mermaid - $95

Did you know that there are MANY skin beautifying ingredients in the sea? Seaweed tightens skin cells and because of its high level of vitamins and amino acids, it also enriches the skin by plumping and smoothing out any fine lines and wrinkles leaving you with healthier, firmer skin. This sea inspired skin treatment is perfect for all skin types, especially those with oily skin, acne prone skin, AND those worried about aging skin.

Add-On Treatments

Hot Stones Facial Massage - $20

Enjoy heated river stone facial massage to your face, decollete, and upper neck and back. This cozy treat helps relax and ease tension, improve circulation and lymph drainage, and help promote healing and better sleep.

Peppermint Scalp Treatment - $10

Are you prone to headaches? Do you love the scent of peppermint? Would you like improve the thickness and texture of your hair? Then enjoy our refreshing and invigorating scalp massage with peppermint oil to help relieve stress and stimulate hair growth.

Dermaplane Add On - $30

Want to experience a dermaplane but also one of our other magical skin treatments? Now you don't have to choose! Now available to be included with any of our skin treatments for the face to help give your skin a deep exfoliation.

Hydrating Hand Treatment - $20

Want to experience a dermaplane but also one of our other magical skin treatments? Now you don't have to choose! Now available to be included with any of our skin treatments for the face to help give your skin a deep exfoliation.

Cupping - $20

Cupping is a wonderful service enhancement that can help drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions and revitalize connective tissue, and increase blood flow to skin and to sore muscles. Cupping therapy is an ancient healing method that may help ease back pain, neck pain, headaches and other issues. When performed during a massage, cupping can be used over the full body. During a skin treatment, smaller cups are used on the face, neck, and decollette area.

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